Month: September 2011

Free Webinar: From First Time Guests to Engaged Disciples

Susan got her kids up at 8:30 on Sunday morning and started on the weekday routine. "Mom, it's Sunday.  Why do we have to get up?" "We are going to church. [...]

Missional Game Night

“I was thinking about the game next Monday night.   What if we had a missional party at the house and invited Mark and Joan from the Bible study and [...]

Cultivating a Generous Discipleship

From the Lewis Center for Church Leadership: Last summer, I was appointed to Bee Creek United Methodist  Church, a young congregation in the hill country [...]

A Conspiracy of High Expectations

The pastor was working through his pro-active call list. Every week, he created a list of 25 people in and outside the congregation that he wanted to check in [...]