Cultivating a Generous Discipleship

From the Lewis Center for Church Leadership:

Last summer, I was appointed to Bee Creek United Methodist  Church, a young congregation in the hill country outside of Austin, Texas. What  began eight years ago in a living room is now a church of 400, almost half of  whom joined through profession of faith. This means that half of the  congregation either has no idea what stewardship is, or a vague feeling of  unease related to televangelists they have seen weeping mascara and stealing  from grandma. The other half thinks they know what stewardship means, but would  rather be at the dentist.

So last year we shifted the focus from budget and money to  people and discipleship. We asked ourselves how we could help the congregation  grow closer to God through practicing generosity. And could stewardship be fun  instead of tedious? The solution occurred one day as I listened to NPR. They  announced a matching gift for all first-time contributors. The phones lit up.

Our church adopted this “secular” idea.  [Read More]

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