The Revolution Will Have to Start Without Me

Dear Jesus,

I wanted to thank you for your thoughtful invitation to join the little band of fishermen who are going with you to Jerusalem.  They were so enthusiastic I must admit I was tempted to drop what I was doing to join in.  But when I noticed they were leaving their nets behind on the shore, it just made me think how impractical this all seems.  We are fishermen, after all, and what are we going to eat if we don’t keep fishing?  In any case, I cleaned up after them and have all the nets in my own boat for safekeeping.  When they return to the lakeshore, I’ll have their nets.

I’m really sorry I won’t be going with you.  I’m sure it will be interesting to see Jerusalem at the Passover and during the Feast of Weeks.  I do so hope to go there one day.   But Zebedee needs some help since James and John left and with fewer people fishing, we might be able to get a big enough catch to sell some fish to the Romans in Capernaum and start saving for a bigger boat.  A bigger boat would really make a difference in the business, don’t you think?

Your message about the Kingdom of God being at hand sounds really interesting.  I love the little stories you tell.  They are so clever.  I really am a fan and hope that you’ll be back here telling the stories again before too long.  I especially like the one about the fish with the coin in its mouth.  That’s a fish I hope to catch one day!  I hope you’ll find a lot more fans along the road.  It is nice to think about your stories before I drop off to sleep.

So keep us posted on what you are up to on the road.   Send one of the boys back to the village every once in a while so we know where you are.

Again, thank you for inviting me to go with you.  Sorry I won’t be able to take you up on the trip this time.  But next time you go, maybe there won’t be anything standing in my way.  Give my kind regards to James and John and let them know I’ve got their nets.

See you soon,


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