Inviting Susan

“Pass the ball!  Margo is open!  Pass the ball!”  Beth yelled at her daughter.  Kate set the pass to Margo who skipped the ball past the goalie.

The sidelines erupted with cheering moms and dads.  Margo’s mom, Susan, hugged Beth. “Kate made the play – she’s such a great team player.  You should be so proud.”

Margo“I am proud of Kate, and Margo too.  Margo is so talented.  She plays like she is a lot older than 8.”   Beth smiled.

“She loves soccer.  She is the one child I have that I never have to drag her away from the TV.  She’s always outside kicking the ball around.”

“We were thinking about going for pizza after the game.  Want to join us?”

“Sorry, we’re on a really tight budget.  You are kind to invite us, though,”  Susan said.

“I understand about tight budgets,” Beth replied.  “How about bringing the girls over to our house for lunch instead.  We’ve got plenty to make sandwiches for everyone.  We’d love to spend some time with you and the girls.”

“I don’t want to put you out.  You were going to have pizza.  Kate will be disappointed.”

“Not a chance.  Kate loves Margo and her sisters.  She won’t miss the pizza at all if you are with us.  You can follow us home, or I can give you the address.”  Beth smiled and waited.

“If you’re sure.  I’d really love to get better acquainted.  Which car is yours?”

As Jesus sat down to eat at Matthew’s house…”  Matthew 9

A simple invitation to eat, the beginning of a friendship.  What Jesus asks of us often begins in just this way.  Disciples of Jesus invite people to join them for a meal, and Jesus joins them there.  We don’t need to make it more complicated.

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