A Day without E-mail

I took an e-mail fast yesterday.  I just put up an out of office notice on my account and resisted the urge to pick up my phone and check to see if amazon had sent me a love note.  I don’t know about you, but trying to write on a computer these days is like trying to dry off under a waterfall.  A thought doesn’t have time to take root before a beep or a pop-up washes it right out of reach.  The computer is such a cool tool, but it is so distracting to try to write a coherent thought on.

Yesterday, my most productive writing was digital.  That’s right – not electronic but digital.  I wrapped my fingers around a pen and wrote in my journal.  I can’t say my brain settled down completely but it was refreshing.

I think I’ll try this again next week.  So on Tuesday, if you send me an e-mail and get an unavailable message in return why don’t you take the day off from e-mail too.  The interwebs will get along just fine without us for a day.  I promise.

Post a comment below to tell us how it went for you.

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