Seven Surprisingly Effective Ways to Increase Your Worship Attendance

Webinar Resource List:

Webinar Recording: Seven Surprisingly Effective Ways to Increase Your Worship Attendance

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Download the PowerPoint from this webinar:

Lay Shepherding Document from Steve Kirby:

Fifty Ways to Increase Worship Attendance – Crossman:

Human Behavior

Switch – by Chip and Dan Heath –

Drive: Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us – Daniel Pink

Website: Harnessing the Power of Feedback Loops –Wired Magazine

Attendance Spreadsheet

Sample Connection Card

Social Media

Game of Life – Popular Science Magazine January 2012

Claim your church as manager on Foursquare

Claim your church location as administrator on FaceBook places

Elevation Revival – note the information on how social media has engaged people in this church –

Social Media Marketing in an Hour a Day – Evans –

The Dark Side of Social Media – Doctorow

Turn Around Boot Camp (aka How to Get More Members for Your Church) – how your church can reorient itself (turn around) toward the people in your community who are still far from God and bring them into a relationship with Christ and the Church. June 2-3, 2012 – Assurance UMC, Huntersville, NC.   Check out the registration announcement at or register for the event here:

For more information about welcoming first time guests and engaging them fully in discipleship, watch this recorded webinar:  First-Time Guests to Fully-Engaged Disciples: This 90-minute webinar, offered in the partnership of the WNCC Office of Congregational Development and WNCC Information Technology Department, is a great tool for pastors or hospitality teams from congregations to view together. The accompanying document contains all the speaker notes and hyperlinks to many resources to support a church that wants to develop best practices in hospitality and discipleship. Questions? Contact Steve James

First Time Guests Speaker Notes | Recording Hyperlinks in the speaker notes take you to other resources including the connection card and sample letters.

Steve James

This document may be downloaded at:

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