The Secret Weapon for Personal Productivity

One of the things that has confounded me in this digital age is how much my e-mail inbox has come to dominate my agenda for every day.  I find myself constantly checking the inbox, frantically trying to keep up with all the requests that come in that way.   I never seem to get to the really important things for all the “urgent” e-mails that demand just a few seconds here, a few minutes there and consume hours.

I have just signed up for this free approach to managing my inbox and my time more effectively. It is called The Secret Weapon – a combination of the free cross-platform app Evernote and David Allen’s Getting Things Done.

Here is a link to the video overview of The Secret Weapon.

There is nothing spiritual about being disorganized, but being organized can not only make you more productive but free up time for the deeply spiritual experiences that are crowded out by our disorganized busy-ness.  Hope this helps you like it helps me!


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