Leaping Forward after Jesus

I am launching a new ministry on July 1 to train, equip and coach churches and church planters to help people, especially younger people,find their way to Jesus and become Christian disciples.ChildOutside God has been calling me toward this kind of nation-wide ministry for several years and circumstances this year have allowed me to take a leap of faith to follow Him in this new path. Bishop Goodpaster and the Western North Carolina Conference Board of Ordained Ministry approved this as a United Methodist appointment last week, so everything is in place. My last paycheck from the conference will be deposited tomorrow and Vivian and I will be trusting in God’s provision in a much more profound way starting Saturday morning!

The blog GoSeeLove was launched when I began to feel God’s prodding about this ministry. I let the blog go dormant while I did my turn at being a church bureaucrat in the conference office. But the calling did not go dormant. So now I’m reviving the web page and pursuing this new ministry full time.

The first thing I feel called to offer in this new ministry will be a series of weekend training events entitled “How to Reach Younger People” specifically for small and medium-sized churches. Designed for clergy and laity who have been longing to see the emerging generation come to faith in Christ, participants will become acquainted with what we have learned from the last 30 years of church planting in North America about helping younger people find their way to Christ. Reaching a new generation is every bit as much of a missionary endeavor as sailing across the ocean to connect with people from a new nation. It is not simply about knowing what to do, but learning how to authentically practice the faith alongside people whose life experience, communications Diverse Peoplepreferences and understanding of the way the world works diverge significantly from our own. In this beautiful experience, lay and clergy teams will identify a handful of new fruitful missionary behaviors that they are willing to undertake and practice  alongside younger people in their community. The weekend event will be followed by at least a year of coaching in missional networks or coaching clusters to allow the new behaviors to become rooted in spiritual habit.

It you want to hear more about this opportunity or others that will be forthcoming, subscribe to this, my blog www.goseelove.org, call or contact me below.

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