Reaching Younger Adults

gslimage760How to Make Younger Disciples and Build a Stronger Church

Younger people are finding their way: To a new area, a new living space, new relationships, a new career, and other new chapters. One thing younger people are NOT doing is finding their way to church. But if they do find their way to a church, will it be yours? You want every generation present in your church’s life.

The Younger Disciples Workshop

  • Examines how your church can connect with the younger generation
  • Gives your church confidence to come alongside younger people in your community
  • Develops behaviors that communicate love, faith and hope alongside younger people.
  • Increases actions that foster multi-generational ministry
  • Teaches how to manage and mitigate inter-generational conflict
  • Develops awareness of how younger people approach discipleship
  • Workshop runs from Friday Evening – All Day Saturday.

Coaching Cluster

After the Workshop, your church can join a coaching cluster. Cluster participants will develop a capacity to better connect with younger people. This opportunity involves a yearlong coaching experience for clergy and a lay team of 3 to 10 people from your church.

  • Monthly On-Line Coaching Conference
  • 24/7 Email/ Phone Access
  • Six month live Tune-Up

For more information or to schedule a workshop in your area, Contact Steve James

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