Millennials Increasingly Unaffiliated

In a new Pew Research summary, Millennials are noted for the highest percentage ever recorded of people reporting to be unaffiliated with any religious institution.  The unaffiliated percentage has grown significantly in the last seven years for every generational cohort except the Silent Generation.

Ame Otoko; Todd Fong Creative Commons Attribution License Conversation

Todd Fong Image CC Attribution

What opportunities for the church exist in this trend?  It nails the lid on the idea that if the church just waits millennials will start showing up when they reach the milestones that marked the return of previous generations to the church.  When the church releases that expectation, the opportunities to join millennials in the community multiply dramatically.

Millennials are hopeful and energized about their capacity to make the world a better place.  Will your church come alongside them and invest in the myriad ways they are actively pursuing that hope?

Millennials are optimistic about the future.  Will your church preach a gospel that is truly good news for all people that reflects the divine grace that is at the root of our hope?

Institutions are changing in response to the social dynamics that are reflected in this lack of affiliation.  Will your church change its posture from attractional to invitational, its attention from inward to outward, and its intention from “come join us” to “may we join you?”

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