Will You be the One in 200 Who Gives Jack a Chance?

Jack AndrakaAll people are gifted and talented. Churches rise and fall based on whether they make a space for those gifts and talents to be used for the love of people and the love of God. I’ve been privileged to meet some incredibly gifted young people who found the church that made a space for them. But too many churches are like the research labs in Jack Andraka’s story. They are set in their ways and have locked all the doors that would let those incredible gifts be revealed. Find the keys, fling open the doors that let every person find their calling, bring their gift and unleash their passion. Nothing is impossible when we unlock those doors.

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You Don't Know Jack | Morgan Spurlock

Thanks to GE and Focus Forward Films for telling Jack’s story and for the one in 200 labs which made space for him to unleash his passion and save lives.

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