The Inspiration Tool in Your Purse


Image by Jack Torcello

The gospel is all about good news. But we live in an “If it bleeds, it leads” world. Even in the church, the communications streams are filled with “Ten Reasons Why What You Are Doing Doesn’t Work Anymore,” or “Twelve Reasons Why People Don’t Like Your Church.” I’m sure it is all well-intentioned, but it just sucks all the oxygen out of the room.

So why not capture the good news that is happening all around you? I’ve spent the last ten years talking to people who love Jesus, who love their church, whose lives are deeply engaged in life-transforming ministry, and they don’t even get paid to do it! It has been my everlasting joy to hear so many stories of good news.  I am sharing insights from hundreds of delightful, inspirational people in workshops, coaching and webinars because they are life giving.

You can do the same. The next time you hear a bit of good news, take that smartphone out of your purse or pocket and ask “Would you share that again for the camera? People need to hear your kind of good news today.” Upload it to your personal or church blog, Facebook or Google+ feed. Counteract all the depressing bad news with the good news that is all around you.

Very few people are doing this yet, so you can break new ground. Join me in the challenge of capturing and sharing some good news today!

If you need some help figuring out how to use your smartphone this way, here is a quick guide:



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