Month: July 2015

5 Lessons To Learn from Millennials

Denise Broady shares Five Lessons from Millennials on Linked in. It is well worth a read. Here is number five: Stay True to Your Passion What I see most [...]

Seven Minutes away from Success

The last several weeks I've been a church visitor. Vivian and I moved to a new town 90 minutes away. This is the first time in 30 years of marriage that we've [...]

Are You Offering Opportunities or Invitation?

We swim in a sea of opportunity today. Our cell phone has access to 1,800 new hours of video on YouTube every breath we take. Our social media feeds have [...]

Two Ways to Crowd-Source Your Mission

One of my colleagues asked me about crowd-sourcing ministry needs through a Kickstarter type of web site. I agreed to look into it and publish the results. I [...]