What if you asked your mission field?

Marriott Hotels are predictable, safe places to stay, right? Hardly a brand known for innovation, Marriott is shaking things up in some innovation zones. Here is an example:

The staff at the Budapest Marriott noticed that there was a large empty space in the hotel with an excellent view of the Danube River—and that the room had been unused for 12 years. The regional Marriott team is currently soliciting ideas from the community about creative ways to use the space; hundreds of concepts are flowing in. Even before a single event has been thrown, this particular hotel location has amassed 117,000 followers on Facebook, showing how excited the community is about the project. “Our big penny-drop moment came when we realized that big did not have to mean monolithic, but instead, big could be the kind of experience we could empower,” Maulik says. “As a big company, we have the resources to empower hundreds of local entrepreneurs to live out their dreams.” [read the rest of the article here]

Image by Shannon O'Toole

Image by Shannon O’Toole

I have been in literally hundreds of churches that have rooms that are unused or under-utilized. What would happen if you asked your mission field to give you creative ideas about how to use your under-utilized space? That is the kind of opportunity that young people get excited about.

I recall in college that the administration allowed me and other students to envision creative uses for an abandoned auditorium.  We didn’t change the world with that space, but it sure made me respect the leaders a great deal that they would trust us in such an endeavor.

What would the people in your mission field think of you if you invited their imagination into your building?

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