5 Lessons To Learn from Millennials

Denise Broady shares Five Lessons from Millennials on Linked in. It is well worth a read. Here is number five:

PassionStay True to Your Passion

What I see most in this generation is their ability to love what they do. They always manage to integrate their passion into their everyday life. I love talking to Kirby abouther passion for yoga and French but also see it as an opportunity to connect her with other colleagues that have similar interests. They make time to balance it all out – and it inspires me to do the same. As we grow older, we tend to lose our drive to innovate…but my mentees remind me that no matter what age, we should always keep our passion alive.

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I’ve found that working across generations with Millennials and the Homeland generation indeed re-energizes my passion and delivers a measure of hope that the world will be in good hands as they continue their march into key leadership positions in the world. Thanks, Denise for a good word about what we can learn from the generations that follow us.


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