Build a Culture of Welcome

In 2015 when a new guest shows up at your church unannounced, you have experienced a miracle.Very few people are out there church shopping these days.

Fruitful churches keep the miracle alive by creating a culture of hospitality. As one element of that culture, they use something like the Five-Ten-Link process. Here is my colleague Jim Ozier teaching this concept:

Five-Ten-Link process:
  • Our entire church body covenants to seek out and connects with someone we don’t know or whose name we can’t recall for the last five minutes before the worship service is to start and for the first five minutes after the service ends.
  • Our entire church body covenants that when two or three of us are having a friendly conversation and someone we don’t know walks by within ten feet of us, that we will break from our friends and connect with that person we don’t know.
  • Our entire church body covenants that when we meet someone new that we will link them with and introduce him or her to someone we know with whom she or he shares some characteristic or affinity.

Don’t waste the miracle of a first time guest! Teach your congregation to practice the Five-Ten-Link rule in worship several times a year.

  1. I want to share this with my team and congregation. How can I share it?

    There are other videos that should be readily available from your site.

    I haven’t been able to share.

    • Hi Jim, you can share by email the url of the page you are looking at with members of your congregation. For example, the url of this page is If you are wanting to share by facebook or other social media, just copy and paste the url into the post. If you want to share by email, you can just make a comment and then paste the url into the email.

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