Maundy Thursday at the Community Center

What better way to celebrate Maundy Thursday than to thank and honor those who serve their community. Pastor Nicole Jones and the Unietd Methodist congregation at Peachland, NC moved Mandy Thursday to the town community center and hosted a dinner there in honor of all those who serve. When we think about the new commandment celebrated by washing feet, what kind of blessing would it be for your church to host a dinner in your community to honor those who pick up the trash, who clean up the parks, who put out our fires and straighten up our mistakes?

Holy Week Services are usually attended by “insiders.” Wouldn’t it be beautiful to take the insiders out to the people of your community with the story of Jesus and his new commandment?

Pastor Jones reported “It was a lot of fun. Each congregant was handed an invitation to give to someone they wanted to express appreciation to. When those people arrived at a community center they were given tickets for raffle door prizes, had a supper with little take home items, and then anyone who wanted to could stay for a  service of communion or they could just stay in the dining area to visit.”

What steps would you need to take to follow the lead of this pastor and her faithful congregation?

Here is Pastor Nicole Jones sharing her Maundy Thursday experience:

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