The Gospel Multiplied

The Word became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood. – John 1:14

Don’t be satisfied with ideas and opportunities.

The world is intoxicated with ideas and opportunities. We have a few hundred ideas to browse in this morning’s news feed. We have a few billion opportunities to entertain our mind with thoughts and feelings. On screens everywhere are the seeds of distraction and the thieves of the precious time we have.

For those of us in the church who worship a God who didn’t stay in our minds but became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood, there is a call to move beyond ideas and opportunities. Jesus calls us, the body of Christ, to make the words and ideas of the gospel into flesh and blood and move it into our neighborhoods.

In math anything multiplied times zero equals zero.

When we leave the Gospel on the pages of a book or the pixels on a screen, we are multiplying the Gospel times zero. The Gospel that merely stays in our mind is equal to zero.

When we hear how someone else has multiplied the Gospel times their own flesh and blood – making it action and relationship and then we do that ourselves – face to face and hand to hand, then the Gospel is multiplied not times zero but multiplied times our own flesh and blood. The Gospel multiplied by your flesh and blood equals love, joy, peace and faith in measure sufficient to change the world and bring Glory to God our Creator.

Each week we send out an example of someone who has made the words and ideas of the gospel into flesh and blood. We don’t do that to entertain or distract you, but to invite you to make the gospel you were taught into a flesh and blood demonstration of the glory of the risen Christ, the love of a God who comes looking for every child of God on the planet, the Spirit who generously pours out over the whole earth.

Jesus said frequently – “Go and do likewise.” So next time you hear the Gospel in church, read the Gospel in the scriptures or see the Gospel being lived out in flesh and blood, Go and Do Likewise.

Allow the Gospel to be multiplied by your flesh and blood and to be moved out into your neighborhood. Someone is waiting on you to make it so.

For them, your flesh and blood may be the difference between zero and the gateway to the Kingdom of Heaven.

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