Creating Bells Groups

What rhythm of life helps us not only live as Disciples of Jesus Christ, but also engage others in the mission? Michael Frost offered this acronym a while back that is still relevant today:

Creating B.E.L.L.S Groups

B.E.L.L.S. stands for

B: Bless – Bless three people a week; one from your group, one from outside you group, and one more that God directs you to after the first two. This gets to be a lot of fun, very quickly. You don’t have to stop at three! When you begin to do this as a group, before long people will start asking, “Are you one of those ‘blessing people?'”

E: Eat – Share a meal or a coffee with three people a week; one from your group, one from outside your group, and one more that God directs you to after the first two. There is an epidemic of loneliness and isolation in our world, and time over a shared meal or cup of coffee is remarkably connective and simple way to be part of overcoming it.

L: Learn – Three parts: Spend some time every day reading from the Gospels – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John – to keep an ongoing focus on Jesus and living out a Christ-centered life. Also, spend some time reading in another book of the Bible, Old or New Testament. Additionally reading in another book outside of the Bible that catches your interest keeps you even better able to connect with others. The amount of reading in each of the three areas is something that you will decide personally, and it may vary during different seasons of your personal journey. It’s not so much about the amount as it is about the vital connection and engagement of your heart, spirit and mind. Disciples are learners!

L: Listen – Listening involves simply walking through your day with an awareness that God speaks in a lot of different ways and circumstances. Listen for His voice and His leading through conversations, your reading, your prayer and your interaction with His creation. It is amazing what we begin to hear from Him when we adopt the posture of a hearer!

S: Serve – Jesus came not to be served, but to serve, and He did it in remarkably meaningful ways to those whom He served, too. People and organizations are often incredibly open about letting us know ways that we can serve them. It is often breathtakingly simple!

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