I’m very confident that you are the kind of person who would drop what you are doing to help someone in need.

Am I right?

Yet you and I are living in a world in which we walk past people in need every day. I’m not talking now about people panhandling at street corners. That’s for another conversation.

What I’m talking about right now are the people who make change for us at the store, the person walking alone in our neighborhood, the women and men who serve us every day. We live in a world where we have become too accustomed to treating each other like part of the landscape, when we all need so much more from one another.

The clerk who checks us out at the store is a musician longing for a place to sing. The police officer drinking coffee at the diner is wondering if the life she’s living is worthwhile. The man walking down the street is grieving a heartbreak all by himself.

What they and countless others have in common is that they need a touch, a listen, a word that helps them glimpse something worthwhile, something that lasts.

“Faith, Hope and Love, these things last; but the greatest of these is Love.”

At its core, Reaching New People is all about you, as a member of the Body of Christ. It is about you making yourself available in Jesus’ name to people who are trying to live in a world of confusion, fear and loneliness.

You can grow more available to people in need in a very simple way. Pray this prayer:

“Lord, please show me today a person who needs me to stop what I’m doing – to listen, to notice them, to care. Help me to treat them like your child, the person you created them to be: beautiful, precious, gifted and called to a high and holy purpose. Make me an instrument of your love today in their life.”

I believe I’m right.

You really are the kind of person who would drop what you’re doing to help someone in need.