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Eight Essential Elements to Revitalize your Church

This is a piece I wrote collaboratively in 2012 with a national team seeking to clarify what is essential for a church to move toward renewal.  It is written [...]

Handsome was Hungry

I realize we're all rightly focused on helping the people of Texas in this crisis. But we also have an opportunity close to home as children go back to [...]

Meditation – Spiritual Disciplines for Touchscreens and Timelines

We’ve had ten years since the iPhone was first released and a dozen since Facebook became a thing.  They are icons of a continuing radical change in the way [...]

Creating Bells Groups

What rhythm of life helps us not only live as Disciples of Jesus Christ, but also engage others in the mission? Michael Frost offered this acronym a while back [...]

Designing a Pantry of Joy

People who engage in helping ministries to meet human need often experience a sense of fulfillment and joy. It is a beautiful thing to be able to provide [...]
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The Gospel Multiplied

The Word became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood. – John 1:14 Don’t be satisfied with ideas and opportunities. The world is [...]

Is Your Church Playing the Stranger Lottery?

How does your church reach out to people in your community so that they start their journey with Jesus? Many churches wait for people to show up as their [...]

Prayer and Presence Changes a Community

What constitutes “success” in ministry? Meet Joy, a Christian leader in an at-risk area of Sacramento, California. Before her ministry began, Joy and her [...]

If We Aren’t the Church for Them, Who Will Be?

When your whole community has been devastated by a flood, where do you turn for help? Insurance and institutional help is important, but complicated, slow [...]