• Homeland Generation: Happy, Hopeful and Energized

    Homeland Generation: Happy, Hopeful and Energized

    When describing themselves in surveys, members of the Homeland Generation – born from ~1995 through ~2015 – most commonly describe themselves as hopeful and happy.  They also see themselves as “pleased” and “energized,” which makes them poised to take on the opportunities and challenges that are before us as a nation and a people. This […]Read More »
  • Homeland Generation

    Homeland Generation

    An interesting white paper on the newest generation – Plurals or Homeland Generation. http://ow.ly/pEpGMRead More »
  • Note to Self

    Note to Self

    Leading architect, Frank Gehry offers a beautiful letter to his younger self that is worth a look.  He offers lovely warnings and advice that anyone would be blessed to receive.  Read More »
  • Reaching Younger Adults

    Reaching Younger Adults

    How to Make Younger Disciples and Build a Stronger Church Younger people are finding their way: To a new area, a new living space, new relationships, a new career, and other new chapters. One thing younger people are NOT doing is finding their way to church. But if they do find their way to a church, […]Read More »
  • Hardening of the Opportunities

    Hardening of the Opportunities

    I’m increasingly convinced that one consistent phenomenon has had a huge impact in the loss of emerging generations to the church.  I call that phenomenon “hardening of the opportunities.” When we studied the growth of new churches in our conference over the last 50 years, for the first three years they typically grew at a […]Read More »
  • Leaping Forward after Jesus

    Leaping Forward after Jesus

    I am launching a new ministry on July 1 to train, equip and coach churches and church planters to help people, especially younger people,find their way to Jesus and become Christian disciples. God has been calling me toward this kind of nation-wide ministry for several years and circumstances this year have allowed me to take […]Read More »
  • Listen to Your Neighborhood – Michael Frost

    Listen to Your Neighborhood – Michael Frost

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2TtyIQ3ous&feature=player_embedded Adopting an incarnational-missional approach to your neighborhood requires the rarely practiced art of listening.Read More »
  • New Ways of Living the Gospel

    New Ways of Living the Gospel

    We are in the midst of an enchanting transformation of the life of faith in the USA.  God is doing new things in people’s lives.  Many churches are uncovering new ways of living the gospel: recovering the communal meal as an act of worship, engaging sacrificially in the lives of children and their families, building […]Read More »
  • The Secret Weapon for Personal Productivity

    The Secret Weapon for Personal Productivity

    One of the things that has confounded me in this digital age is how much my e-mail inbox has come to dominate my agenda for every day.  I find myself constantly checking the inbox, frantically trying to keep up with all the requests that come in that way.   I never seem to get to […]Read More »