Families with children in elementary school or younger tend to have a limited experience of church. Many of them have only seen Christmas Caroling on a Hallmark Special, if at all. But this winsome activity still carries a bit of holy magic and beauty that they want their families to experience.

Larry Edmonds, Pastor of Memorial UMC in Virginia Beach, tells the story of how his youth group and choir took courage and turned Christmas Caroling into a spontaneous member-guest activity. They went caroling door to door in the neighborhood next to their church building. And when anyone came to the door, they not only caroled, but also invited them to come along. Three families with children took them up on the offer and grabbed their coats. After the evening of caroling, some of them were inspired to come down the street to the church the next morning for worship.

Could you turn your Christmas Caroling into a winsome, member-guest activity and the start of some great new relationships with neighbors?

Click on the video below to hear this caroling testimony.

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Caroling That Connects with New Families