Your church is filled with hidden stories of the mighty acts of God.

  • How someone first became aware of Jesus and took the first steps toward following Him.
  • The amazing testimony of a youth about all the people who loved and invested in her so that she became the person she is called to be.
  • The person whose life was shattered and found a church rally around them to help them pick up the pieces.
  • A mom and dad who so highly value a church that makes a place for them and their children that they just can’t miss it.

Very few churches have a venue where people don’t have a venue can overhear these beautiful stories. They are buried treasure just waiting to be revealed.

And you have the tools to bring their story to light.

Most of us carry around in our purse or pocket a weapon of mass communication. Our smartphones now have video cameras and mics in them of a quality and offering resolution that would’ve cost $100,000 for professional videographers just 15 years ago.

It is as simple as pulling out your phone and inviting someone to tell a part of their story.

Wendy Bryant from First United Methodist Church in Yuma heard this encouragement at the Tune Up Day for Reaching New People. The next day at church, she invited a young Marine mom from the church to tell a part of her story. It took just a couple of minutes, a smartphone and some courage. Click the video below to see and hear the lovely story she captured.

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Andi First UMC Yuma