Churches are seeing too many empty seats that we wish were filled with people.

We train and coach church teams in the life-giving discipleship practices that connect people of every age with Jesus and the church.

So that churches who work with us will keep more of the people they love and draw in growing numbers of new people.

The Four Reaching Every Generation Workshops

Can’t Miss Community

Churches are longing to create community in the love of Jesus for one another and the world. Yet too many people are only present in church for an hour a week, or twice a month or even twice a year.

We train and coach church teams in the practices of vibrant churches whose community is so rich and loving no one wants to miss it.

So that churches who work with us create “can’t miss” loving community in their own mission field.

Calibrating Worship for Deeper Engagement

Calibrating Worship

Pastors and worship leaders spend long hours preparing to lead the congregation in worship. But people are more distracted and are attending less frequently than ever before.

We train and coach church teams to plan worship to increase the engagement of the people in the pews and from the community.

So that churches who work with us calibrate their worship to immerse people in the presence of Christ and to create an urgent desire to be present with the body of Christ each week.

Intergenerational Discipleship

Age segregated ministries struggle to gain traction in people’s lives. Yet there is a great need for Christian education and formation.

We train and coach church teams to design intergenerational approaches to discipleship that bear fruit in growing churches.

So that churches who work with us create vibrant life-long relationships in which people of all ages are formed as followers of Jesus and fully engaged as members of the body of Christ.

Invitational Culture

Church leaders have worked hard to create hospitality teams and to be ready for guests to come. But too few guests are showing up in their churches these days.

We train and coach church teams in the beautiful practices of the early church, the early Methodists and of fast growing churches today.

So that churches who work with us more fully connect with the people in their community and draw more new people into a life with Jesus and the church.

Listen to Betsey’s encouragement. She was a member of the Reaching Every Generation team from St. Paul’s that focused on reaching out to missing young adults. Their team was the 2015 Denman Award for Evangelism recipient for the Illinois Great River Conference of the UMC.

Video Thumbnail
Betsey Reaching Every Generation Encouragement

The Workshops

  • Let you hear directly from people of all ages about how their church connected with them and paved a winsome path of Christian discipleship.
  • Give your church confidence to come alongside people of all ages in your community
  • Develop behaviors that communicate love, faith and hope alongside people from every generation
  • Highlight opportunities for your church to engage people of every age and life circumstance
  • Increase actions that foster multi-generational ministry
  • Teach how to manage and mitigate inter-generational conflict
  • Develop awareness of how different generations approach discipleship
  • Provide your team with an action plan supported by an optional coaching relationship
  • Co-sponsored by The Duke Endowment, North Carolina Annual Conference, Passion in PartnershipGoSeeLove and Griffith Coaching.

Coaching Cluster

After each Workshop, your church will be invited to join a six month coaching cluster. Cluster participants will practice the skills and behaviors that strrengthen intergenerational discipleship. Your pastor and team will work with Steve James in monthly coaching calls alongside 3 to 8 other church teams.

Read what participants are saying about the impact of the workshop and coaching relationship.

Upcoming Events and Registration Links

If you are interested in hosting or participating in a Reaching Every Generation Workshop, Contact Steve James by email or contact us directly with this form:


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