Calibrating Worship for Deeper Engagement

  • November 4, 2017
    10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Pastors and worship leaders spend long hours preparing to lead the congregation in worship. But people are more distracted and are attending less frequently than ever before.

We train and coach church teams to plan worship to increase the engagement of the people in the pews and from the community.

So that churches who work with us calibrate their worship to immerse people in the presence of Christ and to create an urgent desire to be present with the body of Christ each week.

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It is not about changing the content, style or order of worship. Rather it is about how to plan for worship so we are taking into account the ways that people live, eat, work, study, play, sleep, plan and communicate in 2017.

Most churches plan worship and interact with their constituents based on the ways that people behaved during the industrial era when print was dominant and broadcast media was the only game in town. Now we live in a fragmented, highly competitive, attention-oriented communications environment.

The organization of the church was designed in an industrial era when efficiency and productivity were the watchwords. But the church is not intended to be efficient. It is intended to be loving. That has always been central to the identity of the church (think Greatest Commandments), but it is even more urgent in this emerging era of social isolation and alienation.

This workshop addresses these issues and allows the church team to begin to develop an action plan to calibrate the worship for deeper engagement for each person in the church.

It is complicated, obviously, and the new era is continuing to emerge and evolve. So there is an optional coaching relationship for the teams of the church that would be addressing these issues. The coaching relationship includes training tools, coaching conference calls with teams and other resources the church leaders need.



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306 McArthur Road Fayetteville, NC 28311

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