When you are deployed to launch a great church, you are envisioning something that is yet to be. In order for that vision to become a reality, you have to implement a plan that gathers people together and nimbly deploys them in a great disciple-making venture. Most church planters are implementing a project of this scope and scale for the first time in their life. A great way to increase your chances of success is having an experienced coach to walk alongside you. We provide a coaching from one who has launched churches, practiced taking a vision, building a team and making it a reality – not just once – but throughout a lifetime of ministry. We have helped dozens of pastors realize their vision of a great church serving and praising God.

We’re happy for you to check out our client list. But more importantly, we offer a way to try out coaching without risk. Sign up for a complimentary coaching call available to pastors who are at any stage in the development of a new church.