Thank you for coming to this second video (here’s the first one) and action step to prepare for the upcoming workshop intended to strengthen your church’s ministry to every generation living in your community. One of the key markers of fruitful ministry across generations is an increasing number of people offering winsome invitations to friends and neighbors. We interviewed over 500 younger adults about how they had recently joined their church and heard stories like Jason’s from the vast majority of them. Watch the video below with his story and then take the action steps that follow. This should take about five minutes.

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Jason's Invitation

Action Steps:

Make a list of the people God might be putting in your path so that you could invite them to take a step toward Jesus and the church. It doesn’t have to be a long list. Think about your or your friend’s family members, your coworkers, people who serve you at the store or help you when something breaks, teachers and administrators at the nearby schools, doctors and nurses at the clinic or hospital who care for you.

Pick five people from that list for whom you will pray and to whom you’ll make yourself available in the same way Miss Monte made herself available to Jason. Keep that list with you and pray for them daily.