Use this checklist to assess how your Reaching New People Team is doing in developing a culture of engagement and invitation with people outside the church.

Why?  The very active leaders in the church spend a very significant amount of time at the church with other church members. As year go by, their relationships with people outside the church become fewer and farther between. When these church leaders are encouraged to invited people to a church activity, they are often hard-pressed to come up with the name of someone they could invite. Growing churches encourage their members to cultivate acquaintances and friendships beyond the members of the church. One way to do that is host member-guest activities.

What? A member-guest activity is a small social activity that includes a couple of people from the church and a couple of people from outside the church. The purpose and agenda of the activity is for the host and the church members to get better acquainted with someone outside the church.

  1. The Reaching New People Team has identified two or three social activities that could be hosted as a member-guest activity.
  2. Two or more members of the RNP Team have scheduled a member-guest activity that they will host.
  3. The Team members have invited some acquaintances from outside the church to join them for the member-guest activity.
  4. The Team members are praying for their guests in preparation for the member-guest activity.
  5. The member-guest activity happened and the acquaintances from outside the church were invited to a hand-off activity. A hand off activity is just another social event that allows the relationships between the guests and members to continue to develop.
  6. The Team has invited other members to host their own member-guest activity.
  7. The guests have shown an interest or asked questions about the church or church activities in which the members are involved.
  8. The guests have accepted an invitation to a church related activity.
  9. The guests have attended worship.
  10. The guests have joined the church.

Photo: Moya Bailey


  1. Getting Started – One to 3 of the 11 elements of success are being accomplished.
  2. Developing the Practices – 4 to 9 of the elements are being accomplished.
  3. Optimizing – All 10 of the elements are being accomplished and the team is refining the practices based on the experiences.