Workshop and Coaching


A Team of clergy and lay people receive two days on intensive, practical, hands-on training on how growing congregations reach new people.  Topics include:

  • How 1955 strategies no longer work
  • A discussion about where your church is right now
  • How to understand and connect with the community around the church
  • How to re-arrange the pastor’s work week and get him/her out into the community meeting new people
  • How to develop a culture of invitation in the congregation
  • How to deal with resistance and change

Each church team comes out of the weekend with a 6-month plan of Action.

The workshop in followed by a year of cluster coaching (see below), to implement your Action Plan.


Description of Cluster Coaching Calls

Many people often ask:  “Well, what actually happens on coaching calls?  What do we talk about?”   While every group is unique, below is a description of what often occurs on pastors’ calls and Team calls.

Pastor’s Calls

The most important feature of pastors’ calls is “Just in time coaching”; coaching for the issues that are front and center for your church and need timely guidance.

Other issues that often are addressed on Pastors’ calls include:

  • Pastor NetworkingHow a pastor’s leadership style impacts their most effective ways of reaching new people.
  • Freeing up 20% of time for networking
  • Networking strategies and how to begin to invite new people
  • The use of time around what is “important” and what is “urgent”
  • Developing more leadership for the church
  • How to deal with resistance

Team Calls

Team Coaching ClusterWhen Teams gather for conference calls, here are some of the issues often addressed:

  • “Just in time coaching” around issues that are front and center
  • Building allies for this process of reaching new people
  • Developing regular member/guest activities and a culture of invitation
  • How to get out into the community and make connections
  • How to deal with resistance
  • How to celebrate success

The goal of all these calls (and the emails in between calls) is to help you bear fruit in your setting: to make a difference in the lives of people and the community you serve