One Day Workshop or 6 – Monthly Video Sessions for Pastor and Church Team with Coaching Relationship


The practices of transmitting the faith from one generation to another have fallen off precipitously in the last thirty years. From dramatic decreases in Sunday School attendance to thousands of churches unable to offer confirmation or catechesis to adolescent members, the practice of developing disciples needs repair.
What historians and social scientists are describing as post-modern and post-literate cultural shifts require not a change in the content of faith but a change in the way that faith is fostered and developed.


Two recent retirees who participate in an elementary after school program, offering enrichment activities and a caring adult. High School Students join with the retirees to offer out-of-school day camp for those same children when school is out for teacher workdays and breaks. When the pastor offers an after-school confirmation class, the parents of these children are delighted to enroll them. An eighty-three year old widow who is a mutual prayer partner with five new confirmands each year. It’s not a temporary assignment. She’s been doing this for enough years that college students home on break drop their bags off at home and gather at Mrs. Betsy’s house.

This workshop focuses on recovering the capacity to transmit across generations an active discipleship with Jesus and the church.

Churches that are seeing disciples of Jesus Christ remaining active from childhood throughout their lives are transmitting a relationship with the Body of Christ, the Church, and through the church with Jesus Christ.

“…among those who remain active, this much is clear: the most positive church experiences among Millennials are relational. This stands true from the inverse angle as well: Seven out of 10 Millennials who dropped out of church did not have a close friendship with an adult and nearly nine out of ten never had a mentor at the church.” David Kinnaman
These practices of discipleship include missional engagement across generations that invests in supportive and loving relationship with the people in the church’s mission field.


A pastor and a team of laity from the local church attend a one day workshop outlining the practices and detailing the tools that churches are employing to increase engagement in worship.

The pastor and team are invited to join a coaching cluster for 6 months and up to 2 years with three to eight other churches to implement and integrate these practices into their daily lives and the life and culture of their church.

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