One Day Workshop or 6 – Monthly Video Sessions for Pastor and Church Team with Coaching Relationship


Over the last 60 years, each succeeding generation in the USA has been less involved with Jesus and the Church. Yet some churches create a relevant culture with invitational practices that came from Jesus and the early church. This workshop teaches those practices.


The member of a choir filled with “old people” befriends a convenience store clerk “three minutes at a time over a course of weeks, because you’ve got to keep the line moving,” and learns that he sang in the high school chorus.

“Would you like to sing in a choir again?” he asked. “Sure, I’d love to read some sheet music again.”

A 24 year old man finds Jesus and discipleship through a choir populated with wheel chairs and walkers, invited by a customer. And now he’s inviting others his own age to a community he calls family. His grandmother came with him to his baptism and she found family, too.

Jesus didn’t wait inside a synagogue and invite people to come and join him there. Instead he invited people into his life – “Come and follow me.” Those who followed Jesus then and who follow Jesus now adopt the same practice – going to people where they live, work, eat, serve, and play and inviting them into a relationship with us – the Body of Christ.

Not only are these practices biblically sound, but they also have been widely practiced in times and places in which the church grew faster than the population was growing – gaining influence and impact not only on individual people but on whole communities. The early Methodists engaged in these practices and grew at a rate of 8% a year in the USA for over 80 years. Churches that adapt these practices in 2017 very frequently match that growth rate.


A pastor and a team of laity from the local church attend a one day workshop outlining the practices that are fruitfully inviting people across generations into a life with Jesus and the church.

The pastor and team are invited to join a coaching cluster for 6 months and up to 2 years with three to eight other churches to implement and integrate these practices into their daily lives and the life and culture of their church.

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