One Day Workshop or 6 – Monthly Video Sessions for Pastor and Church Team with Coaching Relationship

Research has documented that some of the attrition in worship attendance in churches in the United States has resulted from members of the church attending less frequently. While some have left the church altogether over the last fifty years, many more who once attended weekly now attend twice a month or less.

For the last thirty years, churches have attempted to increase engagement by changing the style and technologies through which worship was conducted. Yet engagement across the Church has continued to decrease.


An eight-year-old who gets mom and dad out of bed because she has an important role to play in worship this morning. A single mother who looks forward to worship because her toddler is so fully embraced and loved even in the sanctuary. A fire fighter who is grateful to the church who has a worship service that seems designed for a family like his even with the shifting schedule that he keeps.

This workshop advocates a planning and design system that calibrates worship so that each person is bound to the worshiping community through relational habits, responsibilities, spiritual disciplines and accessible scheduling. This systematic approach to worship increases the number of people who are present and engaged in worship each week.


A pastor and a team of laity from the local church attend a one day workshop outlining the practices and detailing the tools that churches are employing to increase engagement in worship.

The pastor and team are invited to join a coaching cluster for six months and up to 2 years with three to eight other churches to implement and integrate these practices into their daily lives and the life and culture of their church.


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