NCCREGCallOutSmall96% of participants say participating in the workshop reported increased confidence and capacity to reach young adults in their community.



Hear what Betsey Blacklock has to say from her experience on the Reaching Every Generation team from St. Paul’s UMC in East Alton, IL. Their team was the 2015 Denman Award recipient for their work in reaching younger adults.

What would you say to a church leader who is considering participating in “Reaching Every Generation Workshop and Coaching?”

Mike Crawford is the Coordinator of Congregational Development for the Illinois Great River Annual Conference of the UMC.

“Highly encourage to participate”


Participating church leaders from Illinois Great Rivers Annual Conference Event

“I would highly recommend this event.”

“A good overview about what motivates and drives young adults.  Good, practical planning about how to implement in our churches. Lots of testimony from young adults from their own experiences.”

“Pray. Bring it. Come open minded.”

“Very informational.  Makes you really stop and think about you, your church as well as your day to day surroundings.”

“Please go. You cannot do it alone.”

“Do it!” Showed_Up (1 of 1)

“Excellent event, but church and pastor must be open to change and willing to put in work for plans to be effective.”

“Very good event – lots of practical info and ways of thinking about young adult ministry.”

“Bring many diverse members of the congregation and staff.”

“This is a good kick start to look at how to cater to young adults in all stages.  Good hands on time to get a plan into place.”

“Not the same-old, same-old approach nor model of others.  Good interaction resulted within each church group and some interaction with other churches.  Good video examples; easy speaker to listen to.  Good young adult videos [with] viewpoints, concerns and ideas.” Matt DiGiromarlo Creative Commons License Attribution - Share Alike

“[You] should definitely participate.  If possible, get a good cross-section of the congregation.”

“Helpful information to help us reach out to young adults.  Something every church could use.”

“It is a very informative workshop with good examples.  Very worthwhile and provides good input on how to reach young adults.  Liked the action plan.”

“It was a good learning experience.  Presented very well.  Good ideas presented.”

“Go, Learn, Participate.”

“Good event to spark ideas.  Bring as many laity as the conference allows.”

“Worthwhile – lights a spark – brainstorming”

“Go for it. It will create ideas and at least start conversations.”

“Very helpful way to get away and learn/ get fresh ideas.” p1030015

“I think it has great potential to help churches.”

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