Pastor Scott Rimer discovered a beautiful link with his father as he renewed his effort to connect with new people in the mission field. It opened him up to a transformative practice of ministry. Here’s his story:

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Reaching New People - Scott Rimer Testimony

What motivates me to to be out there and to encourage my team to be out there?

My father was a police officer in Virginia Beach for 34 years. Sorry, Christmas is always hard. I miss him a lot this time of year.

But for 34 years he was a police officer and loved his job. If anybody was ever born to be a cop it was my dad. It was just who he was and he loved it.
The thing that he really talked about the most and really enjoyed about his job was all of the people that he met in the community. The store owners and, you know, some of the business people, all of the friends from all different walks of life. You know that that was that was part of the job and still is today.

Of course, now they call it community policing. You’re out in the community not just waiting in a patrol car for for a call but you’re out in the community getting know the people.

That was something that he always just really enjoyed. Not just enjoy but had a passion for.

So I’ve been out there and it starts to feel like community pastoring. I’m not just in the church waiting, wondering you know that there’s some crisis or whatever. But I’m out in the community getting to know people.

I’ve often thought about him as I’ve been doing that. He’s been a big motivator for me, because it’s just opening me up as I get to know some of the people in the coffee shops and that work there. As I learn about their lives and and as they open up more to me when I come in, it’s just been so rewarding to see that blossom.

So that’s been a big motivator for me. I see the importance of being out in the community and being visible. It has motivated me in turn to stress the importance of this to my team.

You know that we’re so insulated in this building. It’s when we get out in the community and really get ourselves out there and start building relationships that something happens in that. It’s transformative. It has been that for me – building these relationships has definitely motivated me, inspired me to become an even bigger believer in this initiative.