Thanks to the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies for this list of text and SMS services and tools.WC_SMS

Clickatell : Gives you instant access to fast & reliable online two-way SMS messaging.Free trial, Hosted

GroupMe : GroupMe makes life easy for you and your groups. It’s real-life network, in your pocket. Hosted

Joopz : A web-based text messaging service that enables “web texting” – two-way communications from the Web to any mobile phone in the U.S. and Canada… and back! Hosted

kwiry : Text reminders to your computer with your cell phone. Hosted

oh, dontforget : Send bulk T messages via email. Text messages queued up will be delivered at the date & time specified. Commercial plan available, Hosted

SMSBlaster : Send bulk SMS messages. Download

StopNText : Reach your entire student body with just one click! Great for security notifications, announcements, school closings, cancellations, news, reminders and much more… Free Trial, Hosted

Text-Connect : Instant communication from your computer via our send and receive Text Messaging service. No hardware or software to install. Free demo, Hosted

textReminders : A fully automated system that sends you customized messages via texting (T). You create the message, you choose when you want to receive it, you choose whether or not the message is recurring, and at the specified time your cell phone receives your message. Hosted

Think Message : An online SMS service designed to make reaching your target audience as simple as possible – making mass communication a breeze. 10 credits to start, Hosted

txtDrop : Send text messages with instant delivery (US and Canada only).Hosted

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