What Churches are saying about “Reaching New People”

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Reaching New People John Boggs DS

Mary Buzby, New Hope Church, Windsor Charge: Our team returned from the initial weekend seminar with a new perspective and wanting to try new ideas.  However, the energy and excitement flagged quickly.  Our participation in the follow-up coaching [guide] cluster has helped us maintain our enthusiasm and our focus.  Not only do we have continued input from the coach [our guide], we also learn from the other teams participating.

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Jack Davis Coaching Testimony

Rev. Daniel Mejia-Munoz, Emmanuel Charge, Beltsville: The “Reaching New People Workshop” was an eye opening experience to my congregation and myself.  The training has allowed our congregation to have deep and honest discussions about the need to truly share our faith with those who are unchurched.  I am very thankful that we took the training for it gave us an exciting framework to reach out to the people not coming to our church.


Rev. Keith Moore – Beech Grove UMC, Virginia: Worship attendance has increased by 8% since we began to implement the things we learned at the workshop (8 months into the coaching relationship). The coaching process has convinced me that even an old dog can learn new tricks.

 J.W. Park – St. Andrews UMC, Virginia: This has helped leaders in our 7 congregations see our reality more clearly. It created very good teamwork with a very high spirit for reaching out. The re-education and retraining have been very, very good. Our teams are very actively inviting people into their homes for elbow activities. I hope 7 more congregations will take up this work next year and 7 more the year after that.

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Mike Crawford Coaching Testimony

Showed_Up (1 of 1)Rev. Molly Baskette, First Church, Somerville, MA: I have read dozens of books on church vitality, been to scads of conferences and worked with multiple coaches. Our coach is simply the best: practical, knowledgeable, kind and optimistic. If you listen to him, you will get results. Our coach at First Church Somerville UCC has netted us a fivefold increase in worship attendance and pledged giving, and an exponential increase in joy–this, in one of the toughest town around where mainline Christianity is concerned. God is good!


  • ”The workshop and coaching with Griffith Coaching has really helped us reconnect with people in the community. Our worship attendance is up 10% since we began practicing what we learned at the boot camp.”
  • “We’ve had five new families join our church since the boot camp. That was after 18 months without a single person joining the church. These were families we met through the practices we learned at the boot camp.”
  • ”I wish I’d learned these things 30 years ago. They just make so much sense, but I never was taught this in seminary or in the early years of my ministry.”
  • “This is what I entered the ministry to do: engage people in authentic, meaningful ways and help them find their way to Christ. Thank you for this workshop!”
  • “This has given us knowledge, tools and structure to turn around our church’s connection with the community. It really works!”
  • “Thanks so much for this past weekend.  It was so good to see more of our folks get on board, and to see how much we have grown over the last 18 months.”
  • “When we began the coaching process we were desperate.  Going through the Boot Camp weekend did little to relieve our fears and sense of dread. It was the follow up coaching over the past 15 months that made the difference for us.  We slowly moved from depression to believing that God was not finished with us.  Amazing!”

SainRev. Anita Sain: “I know as a pastor I spend too much time wondering if all the work makes any real difference in the world for Jesus.  I wanted you all to know that your work and encouragement made a difference for me and for Asbury Church.  Thanks to the discernment from turn-around boot camp and the coaching that followed, Asbury began to see the surrounding community.  We discerned that God was calling us to worship in multiple ways to meet the needs of those near us. Horizon Worship began with 79 in attendance (40% of those were first time guests), and total worship attendance for both services jumped from 125 to 171.”