In the Reaching New People Workshop, we encourage churches to move their meetings off campus. There are several reasons why we offer this encouragement.

  • To increase the visibility of the church in the community. The people who make up your church teams are often the most enthusiastic, committed Christian disciples. Being at a restaurant, coffee shop, meeting room at the library or fire station allows them to be seen in the community as a winsome representative of Christ and your Church.
  • When we do our ministry planning and decision making in the mission field instead of inside the castle, the presence of the people we are called to reach deeply informs our decisions. We start asking more frequently how we can do our ministry to better help them become disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.
  • To establish a ministry presence with people beyond the church campus. Pastor Brian Boettcher shares just one story of how the church includes a new person in their ministry reach just by having their meetings where she works:
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    Why We Meet Off Campus
  • As Brian learned, when you have your best leaders out in the mission field you get to overhear what the Holy Spirit is doing in people’s lives. The Holy Spirit is often preparing them for a friendship with you and setting the stage for them to respond to your invitation with gladness. If we are in the castle, it is so much harder to witness God’s prevenient grace at work.

So be brave! Move your next meeting off campus and see what God might do with your presence.