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There’s a fascinating question for pastors and church leaders with an answer that’s more important than ever. Click the video below to hear more.

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The Winsome Answer Your Church Needs

Adam Hamilton takes us partway there with the three great questions that he believes every church should be able to answer.

  • Why do people need Jesus?
  • Why do people need the Church?
  • Why do people need our church?

I believe this fourth question is more important than ever before:

“Why do Marcus and Erika need to get up this morning to come to our church?”

Most of your church members are deciding to come to church each week with literally billions of other things they could choose to do.

At the upcoming Calibrating Worship workshop, we’re going to help your church team create an action plan that gives more people a more compelling answer to the question:

“Why do I need to get up this morning and get myself to church.”

A winsome answer to this question is accessible to every church, in every setting, of every size and for people of every age.

I hope you’ll register today to be with us.