Engaging Younger Adults

A thousand books, tweets and blogs tell you why younger adults aren’t coming to your church. You’ve watched churches try dozens of new programs that have had little impact.  It seems hopeless that your church can possibly be filled again with young adults.  Here is good news for you:  A pastor and a handful of committed lay people can completely change the trajectory of your church.   Young adults are finding their way to new homes, new relationships, new careers, new communities.  You can help them also find a way to Christ and your church.

The Younger Adults Workshop

  • Lets you hear directly from younger adults how their church connected with
    them and paved a winsome path of Christian discipleship.
  • Gives your church confidence to come alongside younger people in your community
  • Develops behaviors that communicate love, faith and hope alongside younger people
  • Highlights opportunities for your church to engage younger adults
  • Increases actions that foster multi-generational ministry
  • Teaches how to manage and mitigate inter-generational conflict
  • Develops awareness of how younger people approach discipleship
  • Initial workshop runs from Friday Evening – All Day Saturday.

Coaching Cluster

After the Workshop, your church can join a coaching cluster. Cluster participants will develop a capacity to better connect with younger people. This opportunity involves a yearlong coaching experience for clergy and a lay team of 3 to 10 people from your church.

  • Monthly On-Line Coaching Conference
  • 24/7 Email/ Phone Access
  • Six month live Tune-Up

Read what participants are saying about the impact of the workshop and coaching relationship.

Upcoming Events

Reaching Younger Adults – January 9-10, 2015 – Charleston, WV – West Virginia Annual Conference

Reaching Younger Adults – January 30-31 – Capitol Hill United Methodist Church – Washington DC

Reaching Younger Adults – February 20-21, 2015 – Spring Hill UMC, Lillington, NC – North Carolina Annual Conference – Duke Endowment

Reaching Younger Adults – March 27-28, 2015 – Front Street United Methodist Church, Burlington, NC – North Carolina Annual Conference – Duke Endowment

For more information or to schedule a workshop in your area, Contact Steve James or contact us directly:

Or download a pdf of this page’s information by clicking the image below.




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